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How to apply for an Individual Tax ID Number ("ITIN")

You can apply for an ITIN in person at our Berlin office or by mail.

Starting November 1, 2020 only mail in  ITIN appointments are available


 In both cases,  we must physically examine your original, valid passport.  We must have your original passport in our hands so we can certify that it is authentic.


The IRS rules do not allow us to accept a certified copy of your passport.  We cannot process your ITIN application without reviewing your actual passport.

ITIN Applications appointments are available on Fridays only

Onboarding Process (in person or by mail)

At least two weeks prior to scheduling appointment, you will be required to complete registration form, and provide a scanned copy of your passport, along with any other certified/original supporting documents in a secure document portal. You will also be required to make payment on our service fee prior to your application appointment. Please refer to our ITIN service fee summary when scheduling your appointment.


In Person Application Appointment

In person ITIN appointments are conducted in our Berlin, Germany location. You can sign the completed ITIN application at the appointment. Bring your original passport along with any certified/original supporting documents.  All documents and your passport will be returned to you after our meeting.

Mail Application Appointment

If you would like to apply by mail,  you will need to send us your original passport, the ITIN application form with your original signature,  and any additional required supporting documentation.

We would like to help you save time and avoid mistakes in your application. We would like to review the completed application in electronic form  before you send us the original with your signature.  You can send us the form by email or by uploading it into our Secure document portal. 

Once we have reviewed an electronic copy of the application, you send us the form on paper with your signature.   Once we receive everything, we will send you an email notification to invite you to schedule a video conference  so that we can compare your passport photo to you and complete the application process. Finally, as soon as we complete the video conference, we can return your passport to you. For non EU applicants, we  will send you a separate invoice for the cost of returning your passport to you- which must be paid prior to sending the documents to you.

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